As of 8pm today March 16, we will be closed until further notice.  This was mandated by Governor Cuomo to shutdown in the interest of public safety.  We will be having our 4PM and 6PM (there is no 8PM class today).
Please note that on all memberships, no time will be lost– whether you have an Intro, Unlimited, Class Package– everyone will be taken care of.
With a lot of uncertainty around us, let’s remember what we have learned in Yoga.  Take each moment as it comes… And breathe along the way!  This too shall pass… Please be careful and stay healthy.  We want to thank our Yoga community for your continued support and patience.  Please check our website for updates.
We love You!!



We Now Offer Warm Vinyasa & HIIT Classes!

**** See Schedule Page for Descriptions of New Classes***

Yoga is not just for the super flexible as is commonly thought. 

This class is created specifically for the Western person and our cultural problems of job stress, overeating, bad posture, and hectic lifestyles. Some of the benefits of this yoga include:

  • Weight loss
  • Detoxification
  • Stress reduction
  • cardiovascular improvement
  • arthritic alleviation
  • improve strength and flexibility
  • help back pain
  • improve immune function
  • breathing problems, asthma
  • digestive and glandular disorders
  • normalize blood pressure
  • create mental clarity

So Join us! We have a beginner special—Just $30 for 30 consecutive days of unlimited yoga!


“Never too late, never too old, never too bad, and never too sick to do this yoga and start from scratch again.” — Bikram Choudhury