Outdoor Yoga & Potluck

with our HYM Community!!

SAT SEPT 19 @ 12:30

Bikram 60 with Patrick Hanratty

(Sun Sept 20 will be our rain date if needed!)

Class will be @ Mansfield aka Walker St. Park 

(scroll down the link below for directions!)


And, of course, Potluck to follow @ 1:30!!!

Bring your favorite dish and let’s enjoy good food, and most importantly, good company!!  The variety and love each of you put into your culinary creations will be representative of the wonderful mix of personality and character our community as a whole exudes!!!

I relish this opportunity to be in community again.  Sharing together so many hours of sweating, working hard, from laughing to crying, the whole range of experience comes up in Yoga… and we will forever be bonded and linked.  The amazing relationships I have made teaching in Massapequa will forever be imprinted in me.  I am a teacher, but I have learned so much from my students!  As we transition to the Fall, let’s find joy and laughter together, as I am sure we all could use a little more these days!!

Dear HYM Yogis,

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that Hot Yoga Massapequa is closing its doors after over a decade of service to the community.  Sadly, these uncertain times coupled with large overhead costs make it impossible for us to reopen our doors and continue to serve you. When I first envisioned opening my own studio, my intention was to create a sacred space for people to come together to practice the Art of Bikram Yoga—my greatest passion. I dreamed of creating a community of like-minded souls who would connect with one another not just inside the yoga room, but beyond it. And all of you beautiful souls came forth to practice together, and in the process of transforming your own lives through the yoga, you also transformed each other’s lives through the incredible bonds that you created. It has been such an honor to witness you learn each other’s names after practicing next to each for months, give helpful feedback about yoga postures to fellow yogis, and come to the aid of yogis who felt lightheaded in class (a special shout-out to all our yogi nurses for all your tender care!). I’ve also witnessed you share your good news, delicious recipes, and pictures of your family and pets, hold impromptu therapy sessions to support a yogi going through a rough time, and welcome back fellow yogis with open arms after a pause in their practice. In seeing you all connect, I realized that my dream was actualized.

Although the doors of Hot Yoga Massapequa are closing, I know that the bonds that we’ve created with one another will continue beyond our studio’s walls. I also know that Bikram Yoga has become a part of you and that you will continue to keep this practice as an important part of your life, especially now as we prioritize boosting our immune systems during these unprecedented times. To support you in continuing your practice and strengthening your bonds with your fellow yogis, I have arranged for all HYM students with annual packages and class cards to transfer their packages/classes to Tommy McFeely’s yoga studios, either Hot Yoga Merrick or Hot Yoga Carle Place.  Tommy is a wonderful guy, and he has also been serving Long Island with Yoga for over a decade with quality studios. When I asked Tommy if he would accept your packages, he said “I would love too!” He welcomes you with open arms! And one day, you just may look over and see me practicing beside you… well, more like six feet away! 😊

I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity to guide this wonderful community.  All of the relationships and experiences I’ve had with you will forever enrich my life.  Watching so many of you dedicate yourself to the practice and evolve physically, as well as mentally and spiritually, has been priceless for me—my dream come true!  I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and inspiration!

And of course, Hot Yoga Massapequa would not be anything without our amazing teachers and work studies, many of whom I was crying on the phone with yesterday!  All of you are truly dedicated to your craft, and each of you brought a unique quality that created an amazing recipe for exploration, fun, devotion, inspiration, and never-ending support!

It is important to me that we have an opportunity to come together as a Hot Yoga Massapequa Family and connect in person, giving thanks for one another and honoring our beautiful yoga community. I will be organizing a HYM community picnic, where we can congregate and talk, laugh, eat… and do some yoga together! Though, the eating will have to come after we practice! 😊 I will be in touch with you with about the picnic details. Perhaps, we’ll do a potluck, like we did for our 10-Year Anniversary.

The constantly amazing thing I find in my Yoga Journey is the effort that you give Yoga always pays you back a thousand-fold!  Although my studio is closing, my Yoga Journey will continue  as strong as ever, and I hope that yours does too.

With gratitude,


P.S.  Our Virtual Classes will be running free of charge through Friday, August 28! Sign up @hotyogamassapequa.com/rate-pricing

you just have to sign up for $0 dollars and schedule classes on-line!

@ hotyogamassapequa.com/class-schedule/

P.S.S. If you need to contact us, the best way is to email @ hotyogamassapequa@hotmail.com.