If I start talking about Hot yoga, I can’t stop bragging – that’s what my friends say about me these days. It makes me feel so good and brought so many changes in me. Will just stick to some numbers only about those changes and stop bragging…

In 30 classes over a span of 5 wks – lost 13 lbs; lost 2.5 inches off my waist and most importantly lost more than 30 points on my cholesterol level – now below 200.

— Prassad Mattley


I started Hot Yoga hoping that I could improve my balance and flexibility for my golf swing. I experienced very noticeable improvement with just a couple of weeks of daily yoga practice. I am now about six weeks into it and am very pleased with some unexpected results: less appetite, more energy, a broken wrist that is healing ahead of schedule, posture that has improved to the point where I can lie down flat on a hard surface without discomfort for the first time in 30 years.

— Garret Long


My Name is Jeff Friedman.  I was introduced to Hath Yoga when I was 17 (1976) at a hotel in Ellenville, NY.  The following year my parents gave me a new article about a 34 acre farm in Tannersville, PA, Sivananda Yoga.  I lived there for about a year.  That was in 1970.  I learned Salutation to the sun, along with many other aspects concerning Hatha Yoga and Yoga.  I have been using Hatha Yoga for the past 40 years.  That farm where I learned Yoga is still there, thriving.


About two years ago while doing a workout in a local gym, someone mentioned to me about hot yoga.  Now realize, that since 1971 or there about I have been doing Hatha Yoga on my own every morning for 40 years.  To my great delight I was no longer on my own.


I could fill a book with all the details of those 40 years, and how Yoga has enriched my life, but all I have are these few words-it enhances your physical, mental, and spiritual health, and that is only the beginning.


I am here 4 to 5 times a week.  If you want to know more of my story, talk to me.


Om Shanti-Namaste



Dear Patrick and all the Wonderful Instructors at Hot Yoga Massapequa,

I just wanted to thank you all for being a big part of my journey back to health and wellness.  I began my journey in November 2010, when after 5 years of working hard, going to school and taking care of family members, I let my own health go.  I went to the doctor for a physical, already knowing much of what she was going to say; yes, I am overweight (I am 5’4” and weigh 201 lbs.), which aggravates my plantar fasciitis, fatty foot atrophy and chronic heart burn.  I have other work related issues of a shoulder nerve impingement, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome, from sitting at a computer all day.  However, I was not prepared to hear that I had borderline high blood pressure and osteopenia (precursor to osteoporosis).  Did I mention that I am 46?  I was too young to have all of these problems.


I was going to wait until the New Year to make a change, but decided to make a plan and start right away.  I enjoyed yoga in the past and decided to try Hot Yoga.  I was hooked from my first class.  Being really out of shape, I could not even reach my feet for bow pose.  I have to say I felt great doing the first class and every class after that.  Yoga was my Christmas present to me.  I continued to come 2-3 times a week.  By the second month, I started to see some changes.  I had lost 10 pounds, my blood pressure returned to normal and my plantar fasciitis was no longer bothering me.


Inspired by my changes, I started to change my diet, drink more water (stopped drinking soda cold turkey, I was truly a Diet Dr. Pepper addict) and taking vitamins.  I could now actually reach my toes in bow pose and was delighted to sit between my legs in fixed firm pose.  Four months into my practice I had lost 10 more pounds and no longer lived on Tums.  My chronic heartbutn was a thing of the past and the Tums were banished back to the medicine cabinet where the bottle gathers dust.  I was not having problems with my shoulder, tennis elbow or carpal tunnel either.


Seven months into my yoga practice, I have never felt better, I have lost a total of 43 pounds.  For the ladies, that is a snug 14 to a comfortable size 10.  As my plantar fasciitis is under control, I do not dread getting up in the morning  or the feeling of walking o hot broken glass.  I also like being able to wear normal shoes again.  I am able to work withoutmy elbow brace and wrist gloves and my shoulder pain is gone as well.  I am actually looking forward to my next bone schan to see if I have reversed my bone loss.


I am so glad that I started my journey back to health and wellness and am looking forward to continuing my practice with all of you.  For those considering Hot Yoga, I cannot encourage you enough.  For those starting, stick with it, it truly works.  Again, thanks for having such a wonderful place to begin my transformation.


Leslie Monsen




My yoga practice is very spiritual for me.  It has a direct relationship to the way I live my life.  When I am overwhelmed, I find peace,a nd even solutions, as I go through my practice.  One particular day, I was struggling with the challenges of parenting teenagers.  During Practice, I found myself creating a poem about the connection between the poses and my mothering style.  When class was over, I quickly jotted it down.  It helped me tremendously and I am sharing it with you.



Brenda Fredericks Marino



Yoga Parenting Love Poem


I focus in Pranayama Breathing

I honor my children’s divine spirit


I look back in Pada hastasana

I reflect on time past


I dive forward in Tuladandasana

I plunge ahead, gut first


I persevere in Trikonasana

I persist, each day and in my dreams


I achieve peace and tranquility in Vrksasana

I stand tall, plant roots and wings


I honor my standing series

I feel pride, I love and accept


I replenish my soul in Savasana

I pray for strength


I hug myself in Pavanamuktasana

I love my mothering



I admire a yogini’s form in Salabhasana

I push higher, stronger, better


I proudly soar in Poorna

I reach for the stars


I explore my edges in Dhanurasana

I push the limit


I send the universe love in Ustrasana

I pray for divinity, peace, happiness


I hit the floor for maximum benefits

I reflect, develop and grow


I surrender too early

I don’t get my way


I fall out

I err


I practice Kalabati breathing

I cleanse, forgive, begin anew


I listen to my yogi’s direction

I hear my Wise Ones


I own my practice

I choose my words


I respect the silence

I revere individuality


I am grateful

I am  privileged


I honor my prana

I respect life


I endure

I endure






I started (Bikram) Hot Yoga 5 years ago, when I was 59 years old.  I had/have multiple injuries, from my job and was forced into early retirement.  For the first two years of this retirement, I was unable to exercise, I had severe headaches all the time.  I was unable to do anything that I loved to do because the headaches interfered with the things I enjoyed doing.  I couldn’t read, crochet or even go to the movies.  I had four herniated discs in my neck and shooting pains down my arms.  Prior to that incident, I went to the gym regularly.


A friend of mine told me that I should try Hot Yoga.  I didn’t feel that I could possibly do any Yoga practice.  After the two years passed, I felt that I had to start exercising again.  I was in pain and didn’t  want to take pain medications because they just put me to sleep.  This was not the life I planned.


I finally went to Hot Yoga and sometime during the third week something changed within me.  I looked forward to Yoga and missed it when I didn’t go to class.


I have to say that I was horrible in class, I felt I was not able to do anything.  But, I continued to go to the classes.  Throughout these five years I have improved more than I ever expected.  I still have a long way to go, but every millimeter of progress is a step in the right direction. 


Both my Orthopedic and Pain Management Doctors have told me that I should never give up Yoga.  They have seen me from the beginning, and they are impressed with my progress.


Aside from working on flexibility, balance and strength, Yoga has kept me grounded.  I am naturally a calm person, but there are times when life throws you something which seems so stressful that it throws you off balance….this is where Yoga really helps me regain my natural calm.


Aileen Kushner



My yoga story:

By Laura Phillips




Having gratitude is what makes us feel fulfilled.  I am grateful for my strong, healthy, flexible, balanced, body.  This is what I tell myself before each class.  I am grateful for this delicious sip of water that cools my throat.  This is what I tell myself after Eagle pose.  I am grateful for this moment of rest.  This is what I tell myself during Savasana, as I savor each beautiful breath.  I am grateful for my strong, healthy, flexible, balanced, body.   This is what I tell myself as I seal my practice.  The gift of yoga allows me to express my gratitude in many ways.  I am so gratefulfor the many wonderful friends who join me in this beautiful practice at HYM.





“Sweat is Love”

By Beth Gilbert


We were asked to share how hot yoga has changed our lives.  I immediately thought to myself how I don’t feel that has changed my life as much as it has enhanced my life, made it better than it already is.  December 4th will be two years since I began my practice at Hot Yoga Massapequa, and I have to say that it isn’t getting stale: as a matter of fact, I’m addicted!  It is something that I want in my life for the rest of my life. This form of exercise has become my escape and my reward, not the burden and monotony that traditional exercise always used to be.  I love knowing that I am in completion with only myself because I never feel exactly the way in every class, and that’s what makes it challenging and new every time, even after almost two years. 


Over the last nineteen months, there have been moments of personal breakthroughs in my practice, too many to inventory on the page.  When they do happen, I smile to myself-or broadly in the mirror-with childlike joy and amazement at what I just did.  My body’s furnace seems to be firing very consistently now to the point where I only want to feel warmth; I cannot stand frigid air conditioning!


Even though I don’t look like a swimsuit model or haven’t lost twenty pounds from the practice, I just know that I’m doing something inherently good for myself.  The byproducts of this –a lower BMI, clearer skin, straighter posture, faster metabolism, plus more I can’t think to list- are what keeps me coming back to this, day after day, month after month.


Every bead of sweat is an expression of self-love.



 Yoga Success Story: Brian Aviles

Brian is a living example of having faith and taking it one step at a time.  In his own words below, Brian shares his amazing Yoga Success- from hopeless to hopeful!!


Medical malpractice, Army Ireland Hospital, Northport Veterans Administration, Hospital of Special Surgery, North Shore Long Island Jewish and South Nassau Communities Hospital– just some of the many places I have been to try and figure out the issues in my legs, since I ruptured both hamstrings while in our U.S. Army.  So, having reached the point of frustration, I decided to give Yoga a second try . . .  I say that as my first few classes left me feeling frustrated as I couldn’t do many of the positions and felt so awkward.


In the beginning, I used to wobble into class, but I made up my mind no matter what happened, I was going to try and give my best each day and give 100% for that day.  So, I started practicing every other day… and progressed to the point where I am able to do 5-7 classes a week, sometimes doing 2 classes in a day.  Here is my facebook post to Hot Yoga Massapequa after three weeks:


To Say Thank You would be an understatement… Patrick, Brian, and Stephen!!!  I feel and see the benefits of your work!  And I even had some big breakthroughs in my practice.  I don’t wobble as much, I can grab both legs, and I was even able to bring my forehead to the knee for the first time last night!  Aside from shedding 15 lbs. so far… I sleep better… fit into clothes that I wasn’t able to before… I also have less pain in my legs– something the Veterans Administration system failed to address in the past five years, your classes have been able to help.  I know it doesn’t always look pretty, but I see the benefits after only three weeks!!


My two month update to Hot Yoga Massapequa via facebook:

I appreciate all of your insights and tips once again… Thank you for getting me hooked!  I am now down a total of 25 lbs., slowly getting deeper into the poses.  Pain is lessened and for now, it’s much more manageable.  Sleeping better.  Dealing with stress better.  I continue to be encouraged by you all.  Thank you for helping me change my life for the better!


All in all, I have been able to get off meds for Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia with the help of my Yoga Practice.  I have been able to reach some personal goals like being able to grab my toes, and reach my forehead to knee while sitting.  My goal for each class, depending on how my legs are reacting for that day, is to get deeper into the stretches and do a little more than I did the previous class.  Slowly and day by day my own body is healing the 2 ruptured hamstrings, which is something I have been unsuccessfully trying to address for the past 5+ years before Hot Yoga has been able to help me heal my injury!  I do use various variations of the postures as my injuries don’t always allow me to get in the posture… but remember it’s a Yoga Practice, not a Yoga Perfect!


Jenn Dulburg’s Journey

I have been practicing hot yoga for about five years. It has toned and detoxed my body. The detoxification has kept me healthy since I started. I barely get sick and when I do it’s not for as long and it’s not that intense. In addition I feel so much better overall. I feel that my body has balanced out and has kept me at my ideal weight. I never left class thinking how horrible I felt but instead how much better I feel. Hot yoga kicks your butt but you feel such an accomplishment when you are done and that is priceless. It’s “yoga practice not yoga perfect” and that is exactly what you should think of when you walk into that room every time. There are days you feel like a rockstar and others not. Yoga has made me stronger I have completed challenges that I never thought I could do. Hot yoga is a good way to get in touch with yourself. I love hot yoga and I’m glad I have a place to go to so close to where I live.


 Marisol’s Story

I’ve been practicing Yoga on and off for about 14 years, but my true love for Yoga began last year when I started coming to Hot Yoga Massapequa more than four times a week.

At first I was afraid of the heat, but now all I look forward to is being in that hot room, and get lost into my practice. I have healed so many injuries I have had through the years from a few accidents, including pain from herniated discs and left pinching on my left of my body due to a lot of work for over the years working on the computer. I won’t lie, the transformation for now over a year has been magical, I know a new me that helps me deal with my stressful job, I commute weekly and it helps with that extra energy and positive attitude. I believe that there’s no other practice in the Gym that can do this, as a result I quit my gym membership having been a gym junkie since the age of 16, I have tried all sorts of training, including boxing, but because of the amazing results both physically and mentally I was seeing coming daily to Hot Yoga, I made the decision to only devote my time to Hot Yoga.

I decided to take part in last years Hot Yoga challenges, out of the 3, I completed 2. It was the first time I challenged myself and I can’t explain the feeling of accomplishing something that you thought you couldn’t do, but with the coaching from all the teachers and motivational energy that I received, I knew if I could visualize finishing the challenges that I could, it was an amazing experience and I look forward to many more times doing it in the New Year. Hot Yoga Massapequa is my second home. I thank all the amazing teachers, and the positive energy they pour out, including Patrick for always pushing my practice and challenging me to reach new limits, I never imagined I could be this flexible and see my body where it is today. I love the new me, and my family and friends recognize it too. Looking forward to many years of practice with my Hot Yoga Massapequa family and friends.

Peace. Love and Many Blessings Namaste.